Where did L&M begin?

Lou Miller

Our rich history began when Lou Miller founded L&M Office Furniture, Inc. in 1963. Lou’s first move was to buy four truckloads of furniture from All Makes Office Equipment Company in Nebraska. This office furniture, plus a healthy amount of used furniture, served as L&M’s first offerings in Tulsa.

The company’s humble beginnings began with two objectives. First, Lou wanted to sell great office furniture at affordable prices. Secondly, a large on-hand inventory was established to eliminate long lead times. In the 1960’s, customers often ordered furniture and waited 16 weeks for the furniture to be delivered. Lou realized that by carrying a large amount of inventory, he could provide a timely, quick service to Tulsa businesses.

In the 1980’s, L&M opened an Oklahoma City location to greater serve all of Oklahoma. Since then L&M was purchased in 2012 by Jim Stewart. Under the ownership of Jim, L&M has opened a second downtown showroom in Tulsa and two showrooms in Arkansas, Little Rock and Lowell. Between these four cities, L&M now has more than 55 professionals to provide exemplary customer service and help when furnishing office and other spaces. Working with L&M is also easier than ever – contact one our five locations for service or drop by any of our showrooms to see what’s possible in your office space.