Account Executive/Design

Little Rock, AR

Cait graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Interior Design in 2011. Cait was born and spent most of her childhood in Athens, Georgia before moving to Conway, AR where she currently resides. She joined the commercial furniture industry in February of 2019 and brought 12+ years of design and sales experience with her. One of Cait’s previous jobs was the very technical role of designing and selling custom residential kitchens and baths. What makes Cait a great designer is how hard she strives to create an accessible and functional space. She believes that although aesthetics is very important they are not the most important factor – function is. 

On weekends you can find Cait and a UCA tailgate or the horse races. In Cait’s spare time she enjoys reading, gardening, front porch sitting, spending time with friends, drinking a glass of wine, and spending time with her husband, Brooks. She is a plant momma and a cat momma to their kitty, Harper.